About Us

Martin Pesl

Beauty does not rest in perfection…

… and beautiful things need not be flawless

This idea is reflected in the products I design and manufacture together with a team of my colleagues. I have been building indoor and outdoor stairways for a number of years, but designing interior spaces and furnishings, especially tables and coffee tables, has always interested me most. For me, to manufacture something of my own design was a logical step.

I like the look of raw steel with minimal surface finishing, as that is the fundamental characteristic of most original designs and models of steel pedestal bases. We have complemented the pedestal bases with top boards of solid wood and glass. The positive feedback we received encouraged me to decide to design and manufacture original tables and conference tables in industrial style.

In my designing work, I explore my own creative potential to achieve designs that make sense to me as a whole. I make an effort to deliver immaculate craftsmanship and high-quality materials. My team is able to promise you honest work, original appearance, and unconventional design.

Martin Pesl